Monday, 12 July 2010

more strong winds

Today I returned to my shelter to find the cover blown-off again. After finding that some of the twine I'd found and used had failed, I decided more drastic action was required. With the billhook I cut a length of ash with a girth of about six inches, and used it to form an apex at the weather-end. I then drew the coverings over it. However, the wind had dropped to nothing, there was no strong sunshine, it was very damp, and so the midges soon found me and attacked with force. As I write this my top lip feels as if I've had a botox injection, and my wrists, neck, ears and ankles are hot and tingling. I gave-up and went home. Last week it was too windy to draw for long, and this week with no wind the midges are too fierce. To work directly outside is not an easy option. Instead, I scanned a part of a painting that I did of the shelter a couple of weeks ago, and digitally manipulated it into the image above. I hope it speaks for itself.

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