Tuesday, 13 July 2010

different day

This morning the weather is bright and breezy, quite different to what was forecast. Experiencing the wild means experiencing wildly different emotions depending on conditions. Not necessarily affected by the obvious ones like sunshine and rain, but strongly affected by a combinations of lesser conditions such as humidity, time of day/direction of sun and wind. It was the perfect day to sling a hammock. Here's the view from it...

...and here's the view of it and the shelter.

To sling it I had to cut out a small branch from the willow. Having stripped the bark and the twigs, I've now placed this shiny new branch into the shelter and woven-in some of its bark. Taking this picture close-up has given me the idea to re-create some of this into artwork for the exhibition.

I decided to do a drawing with my charcoal pencil, only to discover it had broken. This was a perfect excuse to lie in the hammock for a while. It's an amazingly relaxing experience, swinging gently in the breeze with a deep blue sky overhead.

Meanwhile, back in the shelter, here's the view to the south-west...

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