wandering the watersheds


At the Summer Solstice 2012, from Monday 18 June to Friday 22 June, for five days and four nights I shall walk a circular route that follows the watersheds of the rivers Wear, South Tyne and Tees, and visiting the source of each.

 It will be more of a wander than a walk. I shall be stopping frequently to observe closely and make images of what I see and experience. I plan to spend one third of my time walking, one third observing and image-making, and one third resting and sleeping.

I shall do the expedition regardless of the weather, carrying enough food, a tent, art materials, equipment and a camera. (I shall also take a GPS device and call occasionally with co-ordinates in the unlikely event that anyone would want to come and spend a couple of hours with me.)
This is my planned route: 
DAY 1: Home (High Ashgill) - Black Hill (Northumberland border on the Carrshields road) via Priorsdale and Nenthead Mines.
DAY 2: Killhope Cross - Crookburn Bridge (Co Durham border) on the Middleton-in-Teesdale road) via Nag's Head and Burnhope Seat.
DAY 3: Yad Moss - Tees Head via Source of the Tyne, Moorhouse Nature Reserve, Trout Beck, Great and Little Dun Fell.
DAY 4: Tees Head - head of Cross Gill via Cross Fell summit (TBC)
DAY 5: Cross Gill - home, via Garrigill and the George & Dragon

When I return,. I shall use the images that I will have collected to work into paintings, panels and prints. The paintings and panels will form the basis of an exhibition. The prints will be available for people to buy at £20 each, or £100 for the complete series of six. They will be printed on quality paper with archival quality inks, numbered, unmounted and unframed, and limited to no more than 100 each. All of the profit from these will go towards the funds for the repair of Garrigill Village Hall. The exhibition pieces will also be for sale, with 30% commission also going towards Garrigill Village Hall.

I am inviting people to pre-order the prints for a reduced price of £15 each, or £80 for the complete series of six. To pre-order, please e-mail me - jules@cadie.net.

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