Friday, 28 May 2010

little progress

Today was the first time I came back feeling a little deflated, not having achieved very much, and having forgotten to take some items up.  The desultory visit scored a negative in my tally. I did a drawing, which was the only highlight. It was disappointing to find everything so wet and windblown, so I spent most of the time trying to resolve these problems for the future. I felt beaten by a distracting wind. It reminded me of many years' ago when the same thing happened on Fenham Flats along the mainland coast overlooking Holy Island. I was also aware that it'll be probably at least another week before I can make a return visit for any length of time. Just as I'm about to start some longer pieces of work.

I'm beginning to become quite proficient with a bill hook, putting it to use on a wind-blown rowan tree. It's surprisingly quick to chop through branches and then to deal with the smaller branches and twigs in one slicing cut.

This is what the world looks like from inside the shelter:

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