Thursday, 27 May 2010

in deep

Walking and working around the wild studio in the rain yesterday, I was intrigued with the terrain. The surface was slippy, of course, and when pressed, water and mud would ooze to the surface. When it was raining really hard, the distinction between surface, earth, air and water was blurred and indistinct. I sat in the shelter and made this image. The closer I observe, either through image-making or shelter-building, the more intimate I become with this place, and the more aware I'm becoming of the adaptive cycle of growth, development, consolidation and release. The intimacy is between everything, from the decomposing corpse of a hare and the mud where it expired, to the circling hillsides reflecting sunlight and cloud-shadow. I'm reminded of the animist belief of the relationship between the body, its breath and its shadow. In his preface to "Drawing Today", Tony Godfrey describes drawing as:
"an archeology of the act of touching...(its) resurgence as a pre-eminent experimental medium must be traced not to academic practice, but to its roots in myth and in the ordinary human psyche and its activities".

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