Friday, 29 October 2010

raging October

As dusk began, I followed the gill towards the shelter. Wind and driving rain was stripping out the weakest leaves and sending sheets of water surging down towards the South Tyne.

Although this was not an evening to dwell for long on the exposed fellside, it was an exhilarating raid on all the senses. The roaring wind, the musky autumn earth, the cold slap on the cheeks and the acid tang on the tongue filled a cornucopia of experience for further artwork back in the slightly warmer and slightly drier studio at home. The shelter has been stripped of any covering, so I shall look forward to finding new ways of marking this place as the autumn deepens into winter.
Soon I shall rescue what I can and bring items back to the studio. Then I shall make the site ready for the next season and the next year. It has given me so much already, some of it too personal to record in this public place. I shall place the personal in the future artwork; it will only be revealed to those who seek it.

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