Monday, 6 September 2010

sycamore down

Approaching the shelter this morning, I was wondered if anything new could happen. This exercise was getting a bit too familiar and I wanted to be surprised. I was not disappointed. The severe gusts of overnight wind had overpowered the dying sycamore to which one end of the hammock was attached. It was felled, breaking one of the hammock's beech braces and severing the rope.
It's provided me with some useful wood to saw, to hew, scorch and burn. The immediacy of this natural catastrophic event is exactly why I've made this wild studio. However, it's a distraction at the moment. As the season changes to late summer and impending autumn, I want to record the way that the gill itself changes from its highest point to its confluence with the South Tyne. I'm doing this through photographs and drawings, and I'm expecting it to provide the most meaningful content.

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