Friday, 16 July 2010

even more, even stronger winds

A southerly gale trashed my marquee on the green at Garrigill last night, causing damage to two vehicles. I took the covers away at 5am and went back for the rest later. After that I went to the shelter and found what I expected. That. too, was just about trashed as you can see here.
Interestingly though, the natural raw materials are proving to be the most resilient. The fabric cover and the twine are what fail. It's not my knots or the pegs/stakes that I've made, either.

I see this as an opportunity to learn more from natural forces and to start again. This begs the question 'is it worth committing the time to it?' Most of me says yes; some of me says forget it and spend more time actually making artwork. Perhaps when/if I do rebuild it I ought to consider it as a sculpture foremost and a useful shelter secondly.

This is how I left it, after replacing some of the guys.

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